Antifreeze: High quality Antifreeze for Motor Vehicle and Plant cooling systems. Ethylene Glycol based.

Car Wash: Economical Manual Vehicle Cleaner.

De-Carb: Industrial grade Carbon, Grease and Paint Remover. For stripping paint from all metal surfaces and removal of carbon deposits from engines, pistons and valves etc. Contains rust inhibitors.

Demin Water: De-ionised Water, free from mineral contaminants for use in the motor industry.

Glisten: A non-caustic Traffic Film Remover with waxing properties to ensure a lasting shine. Ideal for use on vehicle body work, engines, chassis and other heavy duty cleaning operations.

Lustre: Concentrated manual Wash and Wax Vehicle Cleaner.

Screenwash Additive: A blend of surface-active ingredients for cleaning dirty windscreens in conjunction with windscreen wiper action Rapid drying and smear free.

Shield Shifter: For the Removal of Co-polymer Protective Coatings from motor vehicles.
TFR: Traffic Film Remove, which quickly removes dirt and stains to leave paintwork gleaming.

Tilt & Chassis Clean: Heavy Duty Alkaline Detergent for removing stubborn dirt and grease. Designed to clean PVC curtains safely. Very efficient chassis cleaner for MOT preparations.

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