If your company is involved in manufacturing, you will already know the importance of getting your chemical delivery on time, in full, every time.
We at Chemtek we know the importance of service, we know it can cost thousands of pounds for every hour you cannot manufacture because you have been let down on a delivery. That’s why we can offer a 48 hour delivery service, and that’s why we are happy to hold stock at our two storage locations in East Anglia. We also have our own fleet of delivery vehicles, including bulk tankers. We will not take the risk of sub-contracting the most vital aspect of getting our products delivered to our clients.

In short, let us worry about your chemical deliveries, you can worry about manufacturing and delivering your product or service to your clients.
At Chemtek, we have a dedicated team of Buyers scouring the globe for the best quality, at the best prices, from the best suppliers every day of the week. We do this so our clients don’t have to, safe in the knowledge if the market moves they will see the benefit immediately.


Liquid Bulk Storage Facilities available:
Please enquire for further information by contacting us for all your chemical needs, Call 01493 660800