Alucleanse: Industrial grade Aluminium cleaner and brightener.

Citra Solve Degreaser: Highly concentrated solvent degreaser capable of removing the most tenacious grease or foul deposits found in heavy engineering areas. (Safe replacement for Trichloroethane 111).

Food Process Clean Guard (Liquid): Moisture repellent. Hydrophobic solvent for cleaning and protection of electrical equipment.

H.D.S.C: Heavy Duty Steam Cleaner for cleaning all types of vehicles, plant and machinery. Also suitable for walls, floors and other hard surfaces.

Quick Break: A powerful solvent emulsion degreaser, which does not give rise to the pollutant effluents of conventional cleaners.

Rigwash: Highly concentrated Heavy Duty degreasing detergent. Biodegradable and water-soluble.

Superclean: Water soluble, general purpose Hard Surface Cleaner for use on metal plastic, paintwork, walls and floors.

Terminator: Heavy Duty Cleaner and Degreaser. Water soluble, non-caustic, non-flammable, and biodegradable with a neutral pH.

T.F.R Economy: Economy Traffic Film Remover.

Universal Powerware: A Powerful Cleaner and Degreaser for use with a high-pressure washing equipment. Has many uses.

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