Black Jack Open Gear Lube: Designed to lubricate and protect open gears and heavy wire ropes. Aerosol properties enable lubrication of awkwardly located components.

Bond Adhesive: A medium duty Aerosol Adhesive, ideal for sticking a variety of material including: carpet tiles, cardboard and various other surfaces in office and industrial environments.

Guard (Aerosol): Moisture Repellent. A blend of cleaning and degreasing solvents with protective materials to prevent damage to electrical or electronic equipment caused by damp.

Line Marker: Effective clear and quick method of marking lines for factories, yards, warehouses and car parks etc.

Prolong: Highly effective Chain and Cable lubricant. Designed for the regular lubrication of chains, cables, wire ropes and cams etc.

Release: Release Agent incorporating a blend of penetrative solvents and high quality lubricants. For use on tight fittings, rusted nuts and bolts, jammed locks and aluminium heads etc.

Upholstery Foam: Foam Cleaner for removing stains and ingrained dirt. Suitable for use with both modern PVC coverings and conventional fabric.

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